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Recipe for a Cheerful Wedding Party


The evening party is definitely one of the highlights and the most fun part of the day. It is the best time for the photographer, especially when events are escalating rapidly.

Everyone has a role in your wedding. As I think, guests come to relax, have fun and become part of the celebration. That is why it is advisable to trust your wedding photography to a professional who will tell your story and portray in each photo the mood of the day. Real emotions require a corresponding environment. It is formed by choosing a convenient venue, an appropriate master of ceremony, your guests, the music and other such components. Not every couple wants to go big. Some prefer to have their weddings in a warm household environment. It’s your choice, really

The festive atmosphere is created by numerous factors that are best to take into account while you are still in the planning phase. As a photographer, I think I can pinpoint some of those factors.

• Naturally, the guests! Give them freedom and emotions. Who else is going to be the spice of the ceremony if not them? Your wedding ceremony is the festive occasion when both the bride’s and the groom’s guests get to know each other and spend a wonderful time together. So give them an opportunity to experience enjoyable moments by making a party plan.

• The master of ceremony. It is best to find a professional who will be able to analyze the situation, efficiently communicate with people and gradually improve everybody’s mood to the highest possible. When needed, he/she should also handle more lyrical situations, maybe give time to rest, if it is needed, but the overall control over the dynamics of the wedding should be under his immediate authorization.

You want to pay close attention while choosing a master of ceremony for your wedding. Don’t rush! Explore his/her works, familiarize with programs for previous weddings. Think about what you really do and do not want in your wedding ceremony and tell him/her about them as in detail as possible. I think individual approach is crucial here which should work by combining your wishes with the professional experience of the master of ceremony.

The master of ceremony is the basis of your evening ceremony!

• DJ/Musicians. This is completely a matter of taste. The lively rhythm and energy brought by musicians will not leave your guests seated and will bring them onto the dance floor where crazy mood is guaranteed.

• If you want to create a real spectacle for you and your guests, you can book professional artists who can add extra spice to the wedding. In Armenia the options are many: from individual magicians to big ensembles who can offer unbelievably interesting programs. I would like to especially draw your attention to national-folk ensembles whose shows momentarily change the atmosphere.

As a wedding photographer, a gatherer of smiles and emotions that is, I feel so pleased at the end of the working day when packing my equipment I know that it’s been a successful “hunt”. It’s a sweet feeling picturing the faces of the newly-weds, their relatives and friends all gathered to see the photographs, immersed in the festive memories, and imagining the reaction of the people when they find themselves in the photos.


A well-thought and well-organized wedding party is a real spectacle where unbelievable events take place. And you have a chance to experience those unbelievable events not only on the spot but also after the ceremony by reliving those moments through photographs over and over again.


Thanks for your time and attention. I hope this was helpful. See you soon!


Photographer Aram Kirakosyan


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